2018 May IFPN Board Changes and News
Posted: Sat, May 5th 2018 at 16:23:31
The  following  positions  on the IFPN  Board  have  changed
  • AORN President  is  now Stephanie Davis    and  replaces  Natalie Walker  as  IFPN  Board member  
  • KAORN President is now    Hyeseon Jung     and replaces  JinKee Yang   as  IFPN Board member
  • IFPN Secretary  Rupindar Khotar   has retired from Executive   and Sarah Bird ACORN has been elected to this position for 2018-2021 term
  • IFPN Treasurer  for 2018-2021 term  is  Patrick Voight
  • ACORN President is now Rebecca East  and replaces Sarah Bird as  IFPN Board member
IFPN President will be  attending ACORN Asiorna Conference  May 22nd to 26th May 2018
6th May 2018  Secretary IFPN SB

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